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PHP usergroups contacted us to get their very own elePHPant with their logos and colors.

Interested in getting yours?

What we are (secretly) working on

We are working on other projects including new elePHPants and other plush toys, that we will unveal in the next few weeks. Follow us to receive our updates.

What we can do for you

Whether you are a private company, a usergroup or running an Open Source project, we can help you to:

  • Create your own Customized elePHPant: PHP community is mad about elePHPants. Create yours and join the club of famous companies and usergroups who have their own elePHpant.
  • Create your plush mascot: We can turn your existing logo into a cute and priceless plush toy.
  • Create your logo: Have the elePHPant inventor to create your logo sounds cool? Get in touch with us and we will work on your project.
  • Create any kind of goodies: OpenGoodies can help you to design and make any kind of goodies (shape, matter, size...).

Why create a plush toy?

  • High-value gift: Compared to pens and stickers, a customized plush toy is considered as a higher quality goody and proudly kept.
  • Strengthen your community reach: owning such an object reinforces your community.
  • Long lasting: People keep it for years, they don’t lose it or throw it away.
  • Highly visible: Ever visited an office full of PHP developers? What do they proudly show on their desks or riding their display? An elePHPant!
  • It’s a social media world! People just love to receive an original and quality goodie, they take pictures and communicate A LOT about it.

The OpenGoodies Team

We are a French company with old timers from the French PHP community. Some of us even helped creating the French PHP usergroup. Altogether, we combined technical, sales, marketing and project management skills and are all deeply in love with the community.

Le petit plus: OpenGoodies has decided to give back 10% of its profits to the Open Source community by funding an OSS project and/or a usergroup.


President of OpenGoodies. Marketing and Communication guy in the PHP ecosystem for years. Christophe works for continuousphp, a PaaS to implement Continuous Delivery for PHP Projects.


Well-known PHP book writer/lover (PHP 5 avancé, Performances PHP) and odtPHP library creator (a great lib which allows to manage open document format). Cyril also manages and two training companies ( and


Armel is GLOBALIS co-founder and CTO. He has been working in the PHP ecosystem and web technologies in general for 17+ years. He's co-founded the French PHP usergroup and has been involved in various open source projects, such as phpMyAdmin and others. Armel wrote several books about PHP and he is still one of the key members of the French PHP usergroup.


Frédéric is GLOBALIS co-founder and CEO, managing Sales and Finance. Being an engineer, he is also specialized in web development, PHP and WordPress.


Christophe is a PHP developer and an influential member of various Open Source communities, such as AFUP for PHP, MUG for MySQL and Drupagora for Drupal. He wrote several books and articles and is a frequent speaker during conferences and on the radio on these topics.

under the patronage of


Vincent, aka Elroubio, graduated from Emile Cohl, a design school in Lyon. He created the elephpant back in 1998 and the plush elephpant in 2007.


Content Manager: Christophe Chervy, President, OpenGoodies.

For any queries of questions about this website, please use the email address below.

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SIRET 803 881 283 00011 - RCS CRETEIL 803 881 283 - registered capital of €20,000

+33 (0)6 79 52 10 41 6 rue de Colmar 94300 Vincennes

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